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My Take Away Experience : Potato Chap and Pitha



Potato Chap and Various Pitha

My family member's are very much introvert. So they normally don't want to get out from home to Restaurant for having food specially at Morning Breakfast and Evening snacks. So most of the time of the evening i need to take food away to home. I enjoy it. But in case of lunch or dinner, family members are very much willing to go to restaurant. Today i am going to share my experience of taking away of my favourite Potato chap with different pithas. You can see from the photos that its looking so nice. And obviously delicious and best one as an evening snack. Its very common and traditional food. Normally during the Ramadan Month (Arabic Month) is very common in all the restaurant. But other eleven month, you will find at most restaurant in the afternoon and evening only. This food is soft and tasty. Most of the people here in Bangladesh like to have this one as evening snacks. For this reason, in evening you will find good number of takeaway of this food. Its very loving and yummy to all of us. You can take this food in different forms like  with puffed rice, with rice, with other snacks etc.

My Experience
Couple of days back, for takingn family snacks for all of my family members in the evening, i went to bazar and found this nice restaurant like shop with some delicious food. In the afternoon i bought this food, and we take it in the evening of the same day. Its good experience wiht this yummy Potato Chap.

Food Preparation
Specially for Potato Chap Food preparation is not very difficult. Its so simple. First they make this potato boiled. Then mixed with spices and other ingredients, then fry with soyabean oil and veson. This is the simple receipe as far i know by talking with them. Normally it takes more time if you go for cooking after getting order. In that case you will get hot and fresh food but will be time consuming. All ingredients are arranged at previous night so that food preparation cannot be hampered. It just taken into oil pan and fried the chap to get the meal ready for service. So, from very begining you need to about 40 minutes to get the food ready or prepared. But with the second technique of making all ingredients prepared earlier except fry, it takes only 5 minutes to fry and make ready the food to serve. So they use the second technique alwasys its time saving and can serve the food hot and spicy.

Feature of this food
As this is very common food among all class of people here in Bangladesh. In holy ramadan (Arabic Month) month, very poor to very rich man take this awesome food every day. Thats why its traditional and Ramadan Specialist. But during the whole year, its evening specialist. Its cheap and good deal with taste, thats the reason makes it perfect for the evening and afternoon snacks. For the quick preparation of about five minutes, its special attraction as well. This should be another reason of its speciality of being special in the evening specialy as people have limited time at their hand duing this time. It can be taken as both takeaway or at restaurnat in the same time.

Location of the restaurant
Its located not far from my workplace that is Zorargonj, Mirsarai, Chattogram (Previously Chittagong). Its in open place in the middle of bazar. Hege people have access there in the evening. Is little bit decorated and there are huge space in front of this store. They deliver food in the open sky when there are huge crowd there. Thats why they keep some chair in front of the restaurant. So that they can handly crowd with this arrangement. Overall its located in well place. Food value, Environment and Service is also very good. Its popular here at Zorargonj.

Specialty or Feature of the Restaurant
- Fast Food and snacks master
- Specialist in Fast food
- Well arranged with quick service.

Drawbacks of the Restaurant
- Main drawbacks is not popular throughout the day even having lunch and dinner items.
- People gather here only for fast food and snacks.
- In the evening due to crowd and huge pressure, quality and timely service is not always possible.

Its very much resonable food. That's why its specially popular among lower class people. It need count only 10-15 cents for each pices of Potato Chap, or Pitha. In normal situation we can take 3 chaps. So its about 30-50 cents normally to have this nice snacsk at evening. So i must say that its not only reasonable but also cheap. Its the best utilization fo buget. Its best deal in the afternoon as compared with the taste. Having taste of this delicious food you must say like me. Its best deal. When takeaway, no extra charge. They pack it nicely and give it to us.

My Ratting
- Food taste: 5/5
- Hygiene: 4.5/5
- Health Benefits: 4.5/5
- Environment: 4.5/5
- Service: 5/5
- Location: 4.5/5
- Cooking Time: 5/5
- Price: 5/5

Restaurant Information
Foysal's Chatpati and Fuchka House
Zorargonj, Bangladesh


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