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My Lunch Experience while Travelling



System Restaurant
First of all i must say something about **System Restaurant**. Its best restaurant in Khagrachari District of Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. You can google it for seeing its speciality. Not so much gorgeous and well decorated. Not enough space as well. But remains busy all the time. People needs to wait even for an hour.

From this angle you can think, how popular and busy it is. Almost all tourist went there for having a meal from there. Its included in the tour plan to Sajek Valley or Khagrachari District visit. They have a lot of varieties of local food menu like fish, local meat, local recipe and varieties of vorta and menus. They are popuar for their varieties of menu, food availability,  and warm service. Having all the crowd there service is up to the mark. And what to say about the taste. Taste is fabulous. Food price is reasonable too.

My Experience
Last week, while travelling to one of the most beautiful tourist places of Bangladesh that is **Sajek Valley** of Rangamati District Bangladesh. 
While passing by Khagrachari District, tasted lunch from this awesome favourite restaurant. Its very good experience. Nice experience.

Quality depends on customers choice. Customer judges with different factors like taste, smell, costing, hygiene, service, environment etc. In case of me, it’s a quality food at quality restaurant. 

Location of the restaurant
Its located in the centre of Khagrachari District of Bangladesh and in the way to tourist places of hills.


Specialty of the Restaurant
- Varieties of meal
- Nice food
- Dilicious menus
- Package meal
- Customized food



It costs only 3.5 USD per head for the lunch. We have taken rice and differnt vorta like dal, banana, potato, etc and Fresh local small fish mixed with egg. It was very tasty meal from this popular and renowned restaurant.


My Ratting
- Food taste: 5/5
- Hygiene: 5/5
- Health Benefits: 4.5/5
- Environment: 4.5/5
- Service: 5/5
- Location: 4.5/5
- Price: 5/5

Restaurant Information

Pankhaiya Para, Khagrachari, Bangladesh



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