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Lockdown and problem with fitness level



Lockdown makes  it difficult to be active. You can see from my today's actifit reported that I am marginal a shot of  66 actifit count. it is not a use number to achieve but under this lockdown I am passing time most of the time at home by being some simple work which are not active work. And sometimes my mobile phone don't stay with me that's why I cannot record all the activity of 24 hours. This happened after a long time because whatever I do I maintain at least 5K activity count.

So in that context it is said that lazy time I am passing  and that is problem for health benefits because my weight is increasing so in this lockdown I should have some plan to to keep myself fit by doing some indoor work which is related to fitness.

From tomorrow hopefully there will be the association of the Holy month of Ramadan and we will start fasting. It is difficult to to do some exercise while fasting so in the daytime my activity will again also be less. But tonight I need to have some plan to be active as it is always because here year tonight we normally offer prayer which are very much helpful for our fitness in this fasting month. So what about the situation you are passing or facing under the lockdown try to maintain any app so that you can track your daily activity like this one what I am using to track my daily record. Actifit app.

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