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Lockdown and its effectiveness



In Bangladesh, for last couple of weeks it's lockdown. This is because of considering the situation of Corona pandemic. And recently it has been extended upto 16 of May. The experts are suggesting to straighten the lockdown because they are thinking about the Indian variant which is very dangerous. This Indian variant is not giving maths time and relaxation to death. That's why expert are ever about amalgamation of Indian variant with countries current virus.

On the other hand we can see some different scenario among the mass people. All you know that before the holy occasion like Eid it is time for the Businessman to do some business. Transport owners also and a huge amount of money before this operation because most of the peoples goes to the village home from workplace. These two groups are strongly against the lockdown. Few days back you have seen in television that the transport federation and lebour went to the road with the demand of withdrawing the lockdown.

Students and other groups are also alarming about their future. Many group of people are against lockdown town in this situation as well. those who were welcomed the decision of lockdown down last year now they are against lock the phone even the situation is severe more than 5 times than previous year. This is the problem of mentality because people are stuck for more than a year. This is the lack of patience and on the other hand the consideration of the future struggle because many families are thinking about future those who are losing job and cannot do business as well.

Most important issue about lockdown is its effectiveness. In the lock down only the public transport are inactive but other transports and gathering is very common. So many are thinking about the effectiveness because when it is not effective then why to implement lock down. many of the activities are normal and we can see offices, business and other activities are very common but only public transport is off. People are travelling and fulfilling their transport demand by using private transport as public. This is the main problem what people are considering about the effectiveness of lockdown. In news channels we can easily find out that row down is is not accepted by the mass people as it should I been coming from the mentality of the people. People are not anxious and worried we must say because we can see there are huge movement without maintaining social distances and health guidelines. In this situation, think about the effectiveness and obviously when it is not effective then why do implement this. Is this just because of show off or considering exactly the real situation? My personal opinion is the government is very much conscious and thinking about the real situation but we cannot implement it due to the the lack of consciousness among mass people and the economic condition of the people. A lot of discussions are going on this issue because someone is pointing out the factors I have mentioned here about implementing lock down and some of others are against lockdown with their points.


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