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Local Fish Demand and photography of local fished after catching from my pond



Local fish has huge demand in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is in the 4th position in the world of cultivating fish of surface water. But there is a tendency among the people not to love the fish which is cultivated using feed made from industry. In previous times we had such days where we had a lot of fish in the pond and land area in the rainy season. Those fishes are very much natural and nothing and artificial feed was given to those fishes. Now the cultivation of fish is very high and the growth is very good a bit as well but there is a problem with the taste and hygiene. Many people think that the fish which is cultivated by using the feed from industry is not good enough for our health. If there get some local fish from Natural sources and their graphs that opportunity of bangles fishes. Those fishes are very much rare in the market and if someone bring those fishes in the market it is sold very quickly at high price. This demand indicating the public opinion about the fish from Natural sources and cultivated sources.

In the photographs you can see some local fishes which I have caught today from my small pond. this year year I have taken lease a pond with two partners for having some natural fishes. In the pond we did not put any artificial feed and did not put any e small fishes as well. All the fishes you can see are from Natural sources automatically. After one year I have just collected the fish and it's about 5 kilogram of fish as you can see in the photographs. I just wanted to share the photographs of the fishes because these are very rare nowadays in local markets. Enjoy the photographs and thank you very much for stopping by


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