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Fundamental Analysis Before Investment in Token



Fundamental Analysis is very important for the traders. Only getting the information about price and trend is not sufficient to get the required information to invest or trade. So, other issues are also important. Here i have explained fundamental analysis of a project named SUN Project.

First of all, I would like share some basic idea about fundamental analysis. Before investing in a project, one should not only look at the project or the market volume, but also do some fundamental analysis. One of the main reasons for this is that one can attract investors by changing the market price or doing some fraud in market. So, it would never be wise to invest in a project without any fundamental analysis. Six tools must be analysed in the fundamental analysis like-

- Project concept
- Use case of the product or service
- Competitors
- Target market
- Trading volume and exchanges
-Team members

It is very difficult to get a good idea about a project if you are not deeply involved in a community or a project. And it is very important in the case of fundamental analysis. For example, those of us who work at blurt  know what happen at the beginning and will happen at the end and who is behind it. But those who are out of blurt, it's a little difficult for them to do the fundamental analysis of blurt. So, the whitepaper of any project is very important for fundamental analysis. If anyone can study the white paper well and identify many things from the wallpaper where there may find the weakness and what kind of weaknesses are there and what is the prospect or who are behind the project. So, it is very important to do a white paper study for the fundamental analysis. White Paper Study includes:

- Project Vision
- Product
- Team
- Market


Fundamental Analysis of SUN Project:
Sun Project Concept:
The project whitepaper is very beautiful and tiny. Many important issues have been discussed in the seven pages and through it any reader can easily get a detailed idea about the entry project and its capabilities.

This is a very high conceptual project having a gigantic dream that will promote decentralized financing on a much larger scale in the future. Sun token is associated with TRON DeFi. which will make the Tron ecosystem stronger and more acceptable. It may also take part in decentralized lending, insurance, liquidity, stable coins, etc.

This project was developed by Sun Community and Tron (TRX) DeFi. Will work with and build a strong financing network by joining more DeFi in the future

Project Vision:
>SUN hope that it would be an utterly self-governed social experiment. The SUN community would initiate more bold, radical, yet sincere and vigorous discussions, or even put them into practice. 


- SUN Issuance: The issuance objectives, timing and reason has been specified.
- SUN Distribution : To whom and how sun will be distributed explains clearly

Mining Method:
Mining method is quite interesting and attractive to the investors. Genesis and Regular Mining.

Genesis Mining:
Upto certain amount of token will be distributed as genesis mining who are staking Tron Token and then it comes with regular mining.
Regular Mining:
>During Regular Mining, TRX, JST, USDT, SUN, USDJ, WIN, BTT, high-quality community projects, and liquidity mining pools will be set up. Users can participate in mining by staking different tokens. 

- Mining Timeline: has been specified properly

Mining Reward

Genesis Mining:
Every week, 930,301 SUN will be mined. A total of 1,860,602 SUN can be mined in 2 weeks, equivalent to 9.34% of the total supply. Regular Mining: There are TRX mining pool, TRC20 token mining pools and liquidity provider token mining pools.

Other options of Regular mining also described in the whitepaper
- Regular Mining in TRX mining pool
- Regular Mining in TRC20 Tokens mining pool
- Regular Mining in Liquidity mining pool

Mining Fairness
Mining is fair because it will be distributed linearly on the staked TRX over time.

Mining Security
The smart contract of SUN has already been audited by professional security audit authorities and audit report has been published in the website which indicates the strong security of the project. The source code of the smart contract will be publicly disclosed when the project launches, assuring that there will be no security risk involved in staking different assets to the smart contract.

In case of team, I have nothing to say because its from World famous Justin Sun and the project is named by his name SUN. So, you can think about the strength of the team.

SUN holders are the governor of SUN. So community power has been assured here which is real decentralized finance (DeFi). The more SUN anyone own, the greater power he/she has.

Three Phase has been targeted:
Phase 1: Genesis Mining
Phase 2: Regular Mining
Phase 3: Ecosystem Docking
After reading this white paper and related issues and analyzing, it seemed to me a very powerful and acceptable decentralized project. My idea is that anyone can easily invest in such a project through some technical analysis after fundamental done and this kind of projector return which we are seeing around 20% ROI. And the ecosystem is improving very quickly. So, investing in such a project is very important and fundamental analysis motivates us to invest in such technology.


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