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Fish: Why its good source of Protein



In our daily necessary food item we need at best six kinds of nutrients. Protein is one of them. We need protein for our growth and stamina as well. There are a lot of protein sources around us. In earlier days of my life when I was a student I used to know about the protein sources and animal protein are the the best sources of protein because it contains a variety of amino acid. The containing amino acid indicates the quality of the protein as we know from the books. But nowadays if we just looked about our Lifestyle we are very much lazy special in Bangladesh. So in many cases doctors suggest 40 plus age peoples not to take beef or mutton. Even some doctors suggest not to take chicken as well. Although we need a good source of protein which is animal waste but still doctors are suggesting due to our city and permanent and absence of physical fitness they are suggesting not to take animal based protein.

In that case finding the proper source of protein is really much needed because we need protein for our growth. In many cases fish protein are accepted and preferred. Although the quality of the fish based protein is not as much as superior to the the animal waste like beef mutton ok chicken chicken protein foods but still it is preferable because it has less side effect for the fatty people as well. I have come to know about some doctors who are basically suggesting fish for the 40 plus age people also. Because they are thinking that fish is safe enough compared with the other beef formatting like it. So in that context to fish is the first priority for in general many classes of the people around the country.

In Bangladesh it is highly preferred fish. Fish is the main protein source of Bangladesh people hair in confined is a number of Ponds river where fish are being cultivated or harvested. Fish and rice is the main food of Bangladeshi people. The daily and general meal contains fish. Normal intake beef on mata in special occasions. On the other hand vegetable based protein like Dal is another common item of mass people here in Bangladesh so I think it's very much convenient for us that we are just having linked with the suggestion of the doctors. It is safe for an hour because we are not doing much more physical labour all the time. I think it is not possible for all to do some physical activities all the time show in general fish is very much suitable and we are by born or by culture in taking fish that the advantage and I hope it is obviously good for us. Thank you very much for stopping by

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