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Family Life is the Best



Family is the most primitive element of other society. We love family and love to spend time with family. There are some society which are not made of family like us. In Bangladesh we have a strong bonding among family members that's why the family culture is very stable here in Bangladesh. Whenever I come back to my village home that is Camilla I really love spending time with family members and that is the best and important time for me. I love the structure of the family of the rural village of Bangladesh. Here you will find a huge number of people are staying in family structures and structure. In this family structure father mother brother sister the live all together and respect each other.

The contribution of all family member is really huge for or developing a family in terms of working. The contribute in a family from several angles like someone is earning money someone is preparing food and someone is doing other jobs and in that way this bonding is really very interesting and lovely. They are very soft minded in the family special in the village areas of Bangladesh and that's why this structure is very strong and I love the structure and I love to spend some time with this structure and innocent people here.

Today I have spent a huge time with some of those families and my families and it was really enjoyable time and I am happy with my activity count as well. 15000 is really a good margin of activity that is very much desirable to me and I love to be active and this app is helping me very much for doing so. thank you very much for stopping by


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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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