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Daily Necessary Commodity Price is increasing prior to Holy Month of Ramadan in Bangladesh, why?



The price of daily necessary commodities are hiking. It is a common practice in Bangladesh just before the holy month of Ramadan. There are some couple of other reasons behind the price increase this year as well. I want to share some reasons behind the price increase.

The first reason I must say the winter has gone a month ago. So so we are not getting those vegetables which were available in winter like tomato potato been carrot radish cauliflower I and some other important vegetables. This should be the fast reason behind the price increase. We can see the price of vegetables are more than double within 2 weeks. As there is scarcity of supply sau with high demand the price is being increasing as these items are daily items. Green paper and other common vegetables price also in the trend of increasing. The price of tomato was about 10 cent last week but now it's more than 25 cents. How will you compare this price change. The price is increasing dramatically. Another important reason is we cannot see rain for couple of months so it is very much struggling for the farmers to cultivate some vegetables without rain. In Bangladesh all the farmers are not self sufficient to irrigate their vegetables. Most of the farmers need to depend on the water of rain. I can see couple of my friends who are associated with agriculture activities are saying that if rain will not come within next two weeks then there will be very much difficult situation for them to sustain with their current running crops and vegetables.



With the increase of price we can see the price change in the different food items in hotels and restaurant as well. You know the price of many things to really depends on the price of oil and the raw materials like vegetables in case of food. Last week it was the unstable situation following the coming of the guest of Indian prime minister to Bangladesh. A number of people protest this coming because they want to say that it couldn't Indian Prime Minister has some bad reputation on suppressing on Muslims in India. For this unstable situation the normal flow and supply chain has been struck and experienced Strike for 7 days. I think when it was in a regular floor with sudden break the Businessman had no idea to to cope up with the situation that's why there may be some reason behind the price change.



The third and final result is very common and popular reason to all classes of people in Bangladesh. This is nothing new at all for us. We had a long experience of such kind of practice by the Businessman to increase the price this before the holy month of Ramadan. In this month people try to live a luxurious life compared with the other months. As they fast they don't think about the prices of the commodities rather they must buy some good food for their fasting need. On the other hand people try to donate more and more money in this month. The poor and middle class people are little bit solvent in this month compared with other month as they are getting some a money order donations from the riches. The Businessman always try to Grab that opportunity and their try to make business in this month. This is another important and vital reason behind such kind of price change. Last week the price of PA kilogram chicken was 110 Bangladeshi taka but now within a week it's 160 to 170 Pak kilogram of chicken. This is just one example. If you look around the market and compare the price with the two weeks back price then you can see the difference and what happening in the market in the before of the Holy month of Ramadan. I don't know what's the basic or core reason behind this but these three reasons are discussed the people and suggested by several newspaper.



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