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Cooking Time and Its Impact



Cooking toys obviously a regular task of each and every families in not only our country but also worldwide specially those who are taking their meal at home. but we can find some people who are not preparing food at home and they don't like to do so and in that case they prefer outside restaurants. but I am not have that kind because here outside Food is not safe for all the time and that's why most of the time I try to take food at home and that is my habit as well. so when my family is out of home I try to make food whatever I can because I am not good at cooking. so always I try to take my food or prepare my food with simple recipes which will take a few minutes of time and in that way I can save my time because I don't want to spend much more time on making food.

As my family is responsible for that she is spending more and more time for making the food much more delicious and try to to impress me with the taste of the food.  but for me it should be simple enough so that we can just have a meal for fulfilling the demand of our food demand. the ingredients you can see from the picture is on your which is very common whatever you are going to cook special here in Bangladesh most of the recipes are involved or associated with onion.  and audience lies is common form to mixture with any kind of recipes and I love to continue on because I can do this very well although I cannot cook very well but I can do so. so whatever we can do I think we should not spend much more time on cooking because it is a part of life obviously but as life living person we have a lot of responsibilities and task towards our organisation society country and even  worldwide. anyone may differ with me but I am always with the stand that you don't need to spend much more time on cooking because this is not as much as important as your job as much as important as spending time with family.

Preparation of cooking. Now a days, its being a regular task of my daily routine. As you can see from the title picture, i am preparing onion for cooking which is very common ingredients of cooking.
Due to the shortage of phone charge, i could not record all the activities of today. That's why its not 5k today.

 it's really crucial task for me to cook. But still trying


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