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Converting Bad Habit into Good



Elephant the one of the gigantic animal. Although it's weak and have a lot of strength but most of the time they are domestic and follow the guidelines of its master. In Bangladesh elephant is a rare animal which normally we don't see except zoo. But sometimes it is found in the street and market which is for the collection of some fund in a trained and systematic manner. The photographs you can see in the post is about of that kind of collection of money with the animal this is one kind of showing some Circus like that. I was surprised by watching the training the elephant got. When it was collecting money it was not speaking week and small volume of money from any Store. It was just speaking 5 to 10 taka onley. If the amount is weak or small it was rejected by the elephant automatically. After collecting it was immediately sent to its master which is a boy of just about 15 years of age.

I think this kind of happening can be happened only with proper training. This is a well trained elephant I have ever seen. It is not making any mistake rather just trying to collect fund for his master from several stores by showing its Circus like moment. Some one of the spectators tried to feed that elephant. So they bought some cauliflower and it was easily taken by the elephant.

After watching such kind of proper plant and systematic elephant I am thinking about the training and the environment we grown up. When someone goes with the the better environment for a longer period of time he pauses that kind of culture and attitude throughout his life. This is one kind of training which he gets from the environment and surroundings. In that way anyone can causes some good moral character. We can see some characterless people which is one of the impact of lack of such kind of training and proper environment when he grows up.

Some study suggest that if we continue a work or a practice for about 40 days then we are being used to with that culture and activities. By showing some trait initially the mindset of the elephant has been changed as far as I know and after that it will follow whatever the master wanted to do with him. So from this kind of attitude we can easily learn something that we we can change your attitude by doing same kind of job for a longer period of time. If we want to change one of our bad habits that we can follow this way so that we can easily changed our habit into a good habit. Thank you very much for stopping by.


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