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Blockchain and Freedom of Speech



Serey is one of the most up-to-date blockchain technology of the modern generation. The success of any blockchain and its importance depends on the activities of its users. Again, the number of these users will be more or less depending on the rules and regulations of the blockchain. When a blockchain is user friendly and can fulfill everyone's needs well, then anyone who knows this blockchain can easily adapt. So the key to success in any block is the system or rules of that blockchain.

Modern decentralized technology has been used in some other blockchain network based media but some of the problems that people know remain. One of the best ways to be user friendly in blockchain technologies is to focus on user needs. And trying to move towards what is truly decentralized. I recently started working on this blurt chain. And interface and the sincerity of the users here and other things have always fascinated me. I always want to share my posts on this blog regularly because I like a lot of things about this blog.

One thing I want to share today is Freedom of Speech. You know people in different countries are prevented from talking in different ways. Sometimes with restricted internet, sometimes by law etc. Even in different media, people cannot speak as they wish. In social media, where social media has been given a little more space, people still can't talk as they wish. They are prevented from speaking by showing various rules and regulations. The best thing is that someone has the right to speak here and if someone doesn't like it here he can leave without reading these words but there is no way to down vote or to demotivate these words. Speaking is a human birthright. That right should not be curtailed at all. So what I like about this is that Freedom of Speech has been evaluated here.

Since the blockchain is new and slowly moving forward. I hope there are some problems here and if we can solve them slowly, this chain will be able to move forward faster. So those of us who are users here should collaborate as much as we can from our own place and content creation. We've got some good witnesses. They are also working for community development. The next time I will talk about another subject ,so far today.


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