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BeGuava || An Eco Project




There are some people around the world who are thinking about the world climate and its impact.  Couple of friends from different corner of Europe come together to think differently to have a good impact of changing Lifestyle through an app on ecofriendly issues. Basically, they have created an app that it will help guide and educate people throughout the world who are basically like to start their Eco journey. The forecast to make this app accessible to all and add free so that the contributions for the planet can be made more and easily.


Idea and Development of App

The idea is really awesome which I am going to share.  This app will track carbon dioxide emission, water uses and deforestation basically done by a person and with the same time it will use sensing for counting the daily steps. This information will be collected and can easily be converted are compared with the normal or average of human being.

After getting such kind of detailed information anyone can easily understand what is his lifestyle and how much impact of him on the environment. Is he on the above the list of average people or below the average people? And by such kind of tracking, you will be able to know about the lifestyle and how to change it.



I think it is the more convenient way to influence people to change the lifestyle because they are watching it and everything statistically that what they are doing positively or negatively on the environment.

A simple change in Lifestyle can impact more and that should be the message to the users of this app. By changing our lifestyle from individuals’ point of view we can impact a lot and make it sustainable full stop the changes should come from Me, you, us.

Final Words

In Short, **BeGuava** an app that will let you track and change the impacts of your lifestyle so that we can help save the planet.


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