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Bad Practice and Culture of Decorating House



Culture is not created in a day. Culture develops gradually from generation to generation. Today I am going to share a disgusting culture or competition among the female of family members. This is not just all about the females but most of the cases this kind of competition and disgusting culture is being developed with the housewife of the family.


Our life is limited and we have the ticket of Death at hand. We just don't know when we shall die. Death is inevitable. We all believe that very soon we will die just we don't have the time at our hand. So our strategy of living should be as simple as possible. But this is not the policy and culture of most of the female family member like house wife of many e families of Bangladesh. That is what I want to discuss today with my blog.

If anyone just go through the families like middle class or upper class families in village and city area of Bangladesh you will find a huge number of utensil furniture access apparel or garments and many more things in a family which is not needed even after couple of years as well. Even in my family I have such number of utensil which will not be used even after 10 years. I don't find any meaning of buying such kind of things for decorating the houses. And this is![]( very wet culture of the female who physically would like to buy more and more to decorate their home. Decoration is not bad but when it is decorated with such kind of tools or element which will not be used even 5 or 10 years later.


Another bad culture is developed which is competition  to exceed others. If a a housewife went to area of her relatives house and see some furniture or utensil she will tempt her husband to buy those things. This is a bat competition because all the time the husband don't have the ability of same kind or capability. This is not a big problem the big problem is its just westage I must say. What you don't need now why to buy now. What it will be required it will be available in the nearby shop. By collecting many things at home we are just not losing money E and with the same time we are losing our happiness as well because we need to spend a huge number of time to maintain all those things clean. In other way we need to pay a lot for the rent. And when it needs to be shifted from one place to another place then you cannot imagine how brother and troublesome it is.


I have experienced such kind of situations with my family member and I have faced couple of those around to my friends and colleagues and common culture as well. That's why I am sharing this information and I know the the Western people and those who are not living in such kind of third world countries are not of that kind because I can see a many houses in foreign area are pretty simple they have just a single bed and some daily necessary tools. This is much more appreciated and I like to live such kind of life which should be simple because you know the simplicity is the best. I personally try to be simple but due to the cultural barrier and the above mentioned problem I cannot do so whatever I Desire. Thanks all for stopping by and got the point which I tried to cover today.


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