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Anger and Stress Management in Life



I don't know is there any university is available in in this world where Anger Management or stress management is being started. I think it is high time to start such kind of courses. Yesterday I was going through a news about an University student who went to abroad for higher study from Bangladesh. He was basically and meritorious student. But unfortunately he committed suicide there while studying PhD program. This way major problem associated with the scholarship PhD and such kind of stress which we need to tolerate while compete in our life. Stress should be relieved and how we can manage your stress that should be discussed more because in this modern life we need yoga like relieve that's why we are looking for recreation because we are feeling a lot of stress while working in our working environment. If I just mention only a single job that is banking career is very very hardworking and troublesome job here and lot of mental pressure are also there. Being an ex banker I can easily understand how much pressure a Banker need to consider each and every day. In my banking career of just 10 months I I had just newspaper in front of my table but I couldn't look at the headlines for a single moment. That was really crucial and I think the situation is not nothing different in other banks in Bangladesh. So by doing such kind of job and having such kind of profession we need to go through a lot of pressure and stress.

You know when we are at stress or we are in anger mode we cannot take proper decision. Anger stress is not good for efficiency and better decision making. When we are in anger mood we don't need to take decision because it will be the worst decision. Yesterday I had anger for couple of minutes then I thought how much vulnerable we are during anger situation. So I am requesting those who has reading my post here up to here try to control your anger because it will be the most important variable in your life to achieve success and take proper decision. Thank you all for stopping by and try to keep control of your stress and anger by following any sort of Management tool. Which kind of tool I use I shall share in other blog


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