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Addiction to Mobile Games



Whether it is mobile games or computer games, it is very surprising to see the attraction or addiction of young boys and girls towards it in present time. The question that have been asked in this week's ecoTrain community is really important. I have never thought that why these games are so action-centric. Is there any reason behind this? I am going to discuss my opinion here in this post.

My Opinion
For those of us who are addicted to mobile games, the main reason for their addiction to these games is actually `action`. If there was no variation, excitement, or loss in the games, then they would not be addicted to the games. What I understand is that one of the games is an action or a challenge is thrown so that people want to win that channel and intoxicated people keep playing this game again and again. It is one of the most important human instincts. People always want to take a hand of others, to win, to take on challenges.

The difference between games and reality is decreasing a lot. In fact, the difference was already there. And I think, People have developed games from that difference. What’s the difference? Just look at the condition we see in the world is that one nation has long wanted to dominate another nation. One group continues to oppress another group. One country has gone and conquered another. Or someone from one religion has attacked an entire group of other religions. In this way, the tendency of us to suppress or dominate someone from the very beginning is gradually ingrained in our hearts as a fixed idea. And by using that instinct, the game companies or those who make games want to take the opportunity. They want us to do what we can't do but we have this indomitable desire in our minds to take up the challenge and give it a chance to be accepted through games. And this is how addiction is growing.

It will be much easier for us to understand the answer to this question if we understand why people play games. We want to spend our leisure time doing different things. Those who have leisure time do some drawing, some do housework, some do gardening, some do writing, and some go for a walk. There are also many who like to hang out with friends at leisure. Those who do not have all these things to spend their time outside of all these things begin gaming. But later he become more attracted to it. As far as other hobbies or leisure activities are concerned, there is no adventure, no challenge, no tendency to create anything. But in fact, he chose the games to fulfill his this desire. And by doing so, he wants to fulfill his indomitable desire to accept the challenge of his mind and to subdue others.


Sport's Example
Many of us like such sports. Whichever game he likes, he always wants to beat his opponent to the extreme. Those who understand the game of Cricket understand that the joy of hitting an opponent's bowler six is not found in anything else. And the bigger the six dies, the more satisfaction comes to mind. Sports or action games have been created by exploiting this mindset by beating or dominating one another. Where such an opportunity has been created that is not going to be done on the field. Can be done through mobile or computer. In other words, the joystick, mouse and keyboard are giving the opportunity to attack the opponent.

Harmful Aspects
I Can't finish talking about the harmful side. I personally am totally against these action-packed games. I used to play in a few in my childhood but most of those were not action games. Otherwise I would never play such action games. Not that I don't enjoy it. In fact, I deliberately gave it up. The first is that I don't have any leisure time in my life for playing games or wasting time. So, I'm personally highlighting some of the disadvantages here-

The **first** thing that comes up in this post is also my first word. A man had an accident while riding a motorcycle thinking playing games. It's tragic. If we continue like this, in the future we will think of many things like games which are absolutely impossible in reality. So, in this way there will be a tendency to create chaos in the society. This trend will continue among the young generations to lead in the future. Which may not bring good results for us in the future.

The **second** is addiction. I can't say here or finish by revealing how addicted the current generation of our country is to these games. The stage of their addiction is such that they cannot spend a single day without games. As soon as they got the mobile in their hand for a while, they started playing games. These games and games in front of parents, when talking, when chatting with friends, even in the middle of studying. This addiction is depriving them of important moments in their current student life. These games may one day be the reason for the destruction of their future.

**Thirdly,** I can't find any good side in playing games. At least in mobile or computer games. If it is a mathematics type game, it may help in brain development. But I don't think it does any good other than creating dominating attitude on other people and harming their eyes & brain. This addiction to games often takes us far away from real life. Playing too many games has no idea about real life. As a result, the future tends to be far from real life. Distance is created with reality. I don't think there is a full mental development with someone who has no resemblance to reality.

**The last thing** I want to mention is that most of the action games are addicted in such a way that they do not hesitate to see the ads here, pay and top up. That is, after killing one villain, the desire to kill another, another, thus a great villain is created in him which continues. And if he wants to, he agrees to count the money. And if you don't get money, you get involved in crime !!!


About Myself in Brief

I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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