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10 Food items of our culture



Variations in food of different culture Around The World Is Not hay a different issue. I think it's common throughout the world that there is a huge variety of meal taken by the people of different culture throughout the world. Bangladesh and this Indian subcontinent has a huge variety of recipe and meal which normally take by the people here. Previously we had the culture of taking our local and national common meals. But with technological change and globalisation and the changes of the social status of the people we can see the foreign food culture is sometimes coming to the city areas of our country. This is not bad. With the same time we can see e the variations and have a greatest of several force and learning something new about making new new foods.

A good number of restaurants has been established who are offering Indian Chinese Hyderabadi Korean Thai foods. Normally the upper middle class and rich people are the basic customer of those kinds of foreign test foods. The mass people are still loving with the local test and culture of food. In this post I am sharing 10 foods of our local taste which I basically captured from my home in several times it was cooked in my family. And my family is nothing different from the other families in terms of food culture because these are the very common food normally we take each and every day in our daily life. I am writing here one by one the name of the the food menu and you can just cross check the photos sequentially. Thanks for stopping by.

1. Preparation of Ruti (Title)


2. Egg Nodles Preparation


3. Fish and Vegetable Curry


4. Beef going to be cooked


5. Masala for Beef


6. Veg only


7. Potato Fry with masala as snacks


8. Home made cake


9. Simple Ruti


10. Chicken broost


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