Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Serey Swap for BTC to serey Coins



Hi guys,

 Today i wanna show the new cool feature from serey wallet with version 1.7.7, thats you are abled to trade BTC coins to serey coins. Its pretty awsome thats you can do it right away from serey wallet also, and also coming to BCH to serey coins and vice versa .

In order to perform you need to download serey wallet(Can download from itself) and register your btc wallet , if you arleady have btc, u can just import btc 12 words .

Step 1:

Go to serey wallet, and click on crypto currency, then choose Bitcoins, this part i already have my btc link with serey wallet


Step 2:
click on exchange to serey coin
 - you need to input how much you want to change

 - Currently the rate of btc to serey is picking up from
 - maximum is 10000$ , and commisson fee is picking from 3% , 5% and 10%

 - after everything is done , just click send and wait for transaction to complete

step 3:

just and see your trx to complete and btc , then serey swap will send the amount right away

as you can see i received the amount around 215640 serey coins after paying 3% commission fee

Thats it very simple fast and secure .

there are more feature coming soon to serey wallet .




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