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We have always seen and will continue to see the victory of truth.


Truth can never be suppressed by lies Truth always wins and always will and it will never defeat Truth.


sourceMaybe you can suppress the truth for a while but the truth will come out one day it may be in any case if you remember the victory of that miner then it is your wrong idea face the truth why suppress the truth with lies.


In our daily life we lie in many cases. Or spread lies in the name of people but they are not right. You speak the truth. You hurt people with the truth but you don't try to please people with lies. It will be more difficult than that.


That's why the proverb says that there is no need to make people cry by telling the truth, there is no need to make people laugh by telling a lie and the victory of truth is becoming from age to age. can not accept


 Not only that, there are many people who do wrong and don't admit wrongdoing but won't admit it. If you do wrong and apologize to people, I think no one can be more noble than that if the person makes a mistake and realizes the regret of his mistake. I think he will never do this mistake in his life but there are some people who are proud of themselves and want to hide these things or try to hide it and spread falsehood.


 No terrorist is made in a day. By making small mistakes he faces big mistakes. And the one who commits a small wrongdoing will not hesitate to do a bigger wrongdoing than yesterday because there are mistakes if no one catches them then how will he not correct the mistakes he will become a big terrorist one day but this is the same crime as lying in my mind from my point of view That is what I revealed to you.


 I can't stand a liar who tells a lie but gives birth to a thousand lies to cover one lie I always try to never compromise with injustice in the way of justice and truth I can't even entertain the thought that if a person tells a lie and If I understand or know that later, I hate him.


 I always try to speak my truth and hang out with honest people because a lot of good can be done in company. how to use


 We will always speak the truth, follow the path of justice, no matter how many obstacles we face, never compromise with injustice, never indulge a liar, we will move forward with the goal.


 Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, pray for me, thank you all for being with me.

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