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A few words about responsibility


Responsibility begins with responsibility Responsibility does not come to any person, being responsible is the basic aspect of every human being it has to be earned We will never shirk responsibility. And it is not possible for everyone to fulfill it, it is a very difficult task.


Many people have expressed many different opinions about responsibility, but I came to present some of my personal ideas to you.

Our responsibility to the environment

From the time of birth or from the time of knowledge, we are all human beings in the environment. We must have a sense of moral responsibility and duty towards the people around us. To change or improve the society and the environment, we must have a moral responsibility and duty because the environment gives us many things. In a society that gives us so much, don't we have any responsibility for the environment?

Responsibility to family.

A family has nurtured you and brought you up. In a word, from the moment of birth, parents have done everything their responsibility to show us the light in the world. When we grow up, do we not have any responsibility towards this family and parents? We have responsibilities, we must fulfill those responsibilities with our own mind and efforts, no mistakes can be made here.

Award of responsible person

A person who does good work in his duty, life will give him good things or he will achieve good things in his life because he does good things selflessly for the welfare of society and country or people, God will surely take him to a good position and God will give gifts in his hands. That's my idea.


 Before performing duty one must always remind one's mind that duty can never be performed by enjoyment, true happiness is found in sacrifice and when performing duty you must sacrifice if you are not a sacrificer then how can you perform any duty. in case


 You have to keep your temper, you have to respect your elders, you have a responsibility, when the price of goods increases in the market, you have a responsibility, you have to take responsibility in every aspect of life, you have to take responsibility for everything. Step aside only if you feel that you are stepping away from your responsibility.

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