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Dreams must be realized


It is very difficult to transform the dream of the mind into reality. But whoever can turn this dream into reality I think is his life interest


Every human being hopes for something good. Dreams live in the heart. If you don't have dreams in your heart. If you don't have hopes in your heart, what kind of person are you? I don't think he has any goal in life to do anything good

Many people may say that you don't need much to live, a little shelter, two days, two handfuls of dal rice, and what else I think it can't be any life. To show the dreams of parents To fulfill the dreams To be a good proud child To parents To be a proud leader To children To be a respected brother To brothers Everything is based on your honest wishes and desires

Lest it be by, I walk and do with those aspects in mind.


 I will build a small house where I along with my parents can live with my small family. I have not been able to live such a luxurious life in life because I was stuck with the urge to earn money from a young age for which I ended all my comforts but in my heart Some small hope is from desire

I will buy my personal motorcycle, I will buy some land in the field which gives me in the future after I go home, whether it is agriculture work or any way to feed myself or I intend to start a small business.


 There was a time when I forgot to dream in my mind. By God's infinite mercy, today maybe I can live with some hope and desire in my heart because I lived life with so much sadness, but after working hard, today maybe I have a little hope, desire and promise in my heart. I am able to survive because of the prayers of my parents and the mercy of God and my hard work, as a result of which I have reached this position today.


 All of us are no more with the power of our own mind and walk with integrity and never belittle our own mind. We must move forward with such commitment.


 Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, pray for me


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