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Procrastination they say is a thief of time. Procrastination steals the time should use for an important engagement for productivity. When you sit back contemplating instead of working and proffering solutions, you stand at a risk of losing deals. It is very bad awaiting the last minute to get certain things done. Engage in worthy ventures when necessary.
![baner bonito.png]( ### THE REASONS PROCRASTINATION IS DANGEROUS FOR BUSINESS: *** *** 1 Missed opportunities 2 Ruins customer relationships 3 Damage your reputation 4 Affects your health 5 Prevents you from achieving your goals ![baner bonito.png]( ### IN DETAILS *** ### 1 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES Procrastination makes one to miss meaningful opportunities that may make have turn the fortune of the business. Sometimes opportunity for certain things knock just once and when missed, are missed for life. Waiting too long to purchase what you should purchase at the moment can cost you that particular thing as well as procrastinating over a deal. As a business leader, you must understand the importance of quick response in business. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 2 RUINS CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS Procrastinating over a deal with a customer can ruin your relationship with such customer. Customers work with who they can trust and who can deliver what they want as at when they should. Also, customers deal with clients that pay and deliver when they schedule for such deal, not having to wait for too long. As an entrepreneur, you should not fail to respond to enquiries on time, as well as responding to correspondence. No matter the form procrastination takes, it can ruin a business if not checked. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 3 DAMAGE YOUR REPUTATION Businesses actually move based on the reputation of the brand. If the brand derails in one way or the other in terms of delay in delivery date and so on, such business has badly damaged its reputation. It is reputation that calls for recommendation for businesses, as well as make a brand to stand out for excellence. Do not think that your customers would not use your short comings to speak negatively about you. And the more you procrastinate with servicing them, the more likely they are to tell the world about it. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 4 AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH Due to the effects of procrastinations can impact so negatively on an entrepreneur, of such impact is heart attack. Being involved in chronic procrastination can result to a serious health challenge. Procrastination can cause stress on an entrepreneur which would negatively affect his performance as a business leader. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 5 PREVENTS YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS A greater percentage of failed businesses is traced to procrastination. The time a business leader should utilize for a productive venture, he uses it thinking of a possible negative outcome. Procrastination is the enemy of progress and the friend of complacency. It will leave you with no drive, motivation or excitement in challenging yourself to move forward in achieving your goals. Procrastination puts your aims on hold and deters their manifestations. It makes you to keep postponing an engagement that would have brought productivity to your business. However, to overcome this ugly scenario, write out your vision and make it plain. Identify your priorities and focus more on them. Act as quickly as possible when you should. Seek assistance from experts when you’re in doubt instead of resorting to procrastination. *** *** ### REFERENCE: [Pixe Works]( ![baner bonito.png](
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