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""A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls" (Prov. 25:28, NLT)

Your home should be your best place to be. If you lose your home-front, you are already a captured man. A married man 
going about the field can faint for sex. 
There are woman ready with the pottage of their flesh if you can give them your birthright, your strength, and vice versa 
(Proverbs 31:3). Before you blame Esau, consider your life. Have you become too busy and lost touch with your home? 
Esau's home-front was dangerously kept open and insecure. Most of his problems
were lunched from the home. The fainting that made him desperately ask for his brother's pottage, even to the point of 
selling his birth right (his most precious possession), was because he over stayed in the field and got exhausted. Some people work without having time to eatin the office. At times because of their work, all their food is in a 'special food 
joint' or a 'food is ready' place. Beloved, something unpleasant may be hiding there. Ordinarily, nothing may be wrong in being a field man (always busy), but 
Esau's field man-ism made him to take his home-front carelessly.
Fainting can come to anybody, but a man with God's grace can properly handle it. Be patient with your fainting. It is fleeting inconvenience. Be disciplined with your eating. Most people that are poisoned with food are people who have been adjudged to be loose with food. Discretion shall preserve your life

Guard and secure your home-front.

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