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"Therefore come out from among them and be separate" (2 Corinthians 6:17, NKJV)

Our society is filled with broken marriages. We hear of divorces every day. Some marriages that were conducted in Bible ways are now faced with threat of divorce. What are the reasons behind these problems? Answers vary. Key or major causes are sexual problems, such as adultery, money matters gambling and drunkenness. We shall centre on two major areas in today's devotional. 
A. Marital Unfaithfulness. Sex plays important role in every marriage. Failure to handle it in a proper way can threaten marriage covenant. 
Marital unfaithfulness can be viewed as a practice of husband or wife having 
extra-marital affair with another person outside the marriage bond. Those involved in marital unfaithfulness lose a sense of commitment, dedication and responsibility to the marriage vow taken at the altar. Adultery is a sin against God and your spouse. Adultery is pictured in the Bible as something very attractive but ultimately destructive, and fools are trapped by it (Prov. 5:1-11). David's adulterous act with Bathsheba illustrates the destructive nature of sex outside marriage. Adultery must never be mentioned in Christian marriage, because the Bible condemns it. Note the following:

1. Sexual looseness may be tolerated ln our society, but it is condemned with vehemence in the Bible. 
ii. God, who created sex, has commanded us to abstain from sexual immorality.
B. Financial Matters. Marriage Counsellors say that one major cause of marital conflict is associated with finances. Money in marriage attracts hot debate. But when understood and managed properly, it can serve as lubricant. Believers must have right perspective on money matters in their marriage. We are stewards, therefore: 
i. Keep God at the center and in control of your life, not money. 
ii. Keep money at its rightful place.
Beloved in Christ, flee sexual immorality (2 Tim 2:22) and avoid the love of money(1 Tim 6:6-10).

Avoid adultery and love of money.

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