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### Leadership is everything in business; failure in leadership equals failure in business. ### Every leader has a vision. If you want to see success as a leader, you need to effectively share your vision and ideas. A vision tells your employees or coworkers why they are working for your organization. It paints a picture of success. It's the dream or goal everyone is working towards. ### The vision is the destination, and your leadership is the driver on the road towards that objective. So how can you share your vision in a way that will inspire people to hope in the car and drive towards your goal with you? ![baner bonito.png]( ### POINTS TO CONSIDER *** 1 Foster a Spirit of Community in the Workplace 2 Stand Firm in Your Convictions 3 Don’t Fear Change 4 Trust Your Instincts 5 Stay Open-minded 6 Maintain a Healthy Balance ![baner bonito.png]( ### IN DETAILS *** *** ### 1 FOSTER A SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY IN THE WORKPLACE *** The leader should encourage a strong company culture which essential for creating a supportive and successful environment. There should be a period where the workers have time to chat, refresh themselves and share their thoughts toward the success of the company. At this point, everyone should be given equal opportunity. This is where the employees can air out their pain points. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 2 STAND FIRM IN YOUR CONVICTIONS *** Leaders have ideas to run the company. If you have a unique idea, run with it. Even if you are worried that some of your employees might not understand your ideas, be confident that the ideas are viable. Be able to share your vision in a way that will inspire your employees or followers. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 3 DON’T FEAR CHANGE *** Change is constant, it must always happen. Your ability to react positively to changes is what makes you stand out. Do well to expect any kind of change and make plans on how to tackle any. You have to be the one to take the reins and lead your team through whatever obstacles, bearing in mind that successes lie ahead. Leading by examples is the best way to show your team that you are a standout leader. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 4 TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS *** Approach every challenge with cutting edge ideas. Be an encouragement to your follower in the face of challenges. Encourage team work; consider your followers’ ideas and suggestions too. Being a leader does not mean that things would always go on well, be objective and innovative. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 5 STAY OPEN-MINDED *** Be a listening leader, be responsive to your followers, and welcome their contributions. Let your team have a clear picture of what you’re expecting them to do. Ensure to motivate and keep your team motivated toward a vision of success. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 6 MAINTAIN A HEALTHY BALANCE *** As a leader, always bear in mind that with vision, new ideas and innovation, balance is ideal. Have cognizance of the fact that sometimes you have to align your unique ideas with realism. Another necessity is maintaining a balance between productivity and playfulness. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### REFERENCE: [Business to Community]( [I N C](
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