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BBX airdrop New year Gift



BBX CONTRACT EXCHANGE AIRDROP BBX exchange are performing an airdrop program as a new year gift ![f5a49c35613a26de5d06dbad6b22f242.jpg]( This gift is not widely publizes because it is aminly for pivoters but anyone can part of it **WHAT YOU STAND TO GAIN** Registering on BBX contract exchange and get10,000 BUSD experience money free *link to follow* **Registration format** Either with phone number or email Email is better because its secures your account To get more enlighten and updated on airdrops join **[pivot](** Steps to set your pivot 1. Sign up 2. Input Google Account 3. Download App 4.Sign in App Get power After signing up pivot you can parttake in many airdrops *RESEREY FOR OTHERS TO BENEFIT* For other airdrops Click on [digifinex]( Thanks for visiting my blog
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