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*7 Things You Must Consider Before You Propose Relationship*



![images (1).jpeg]( [Image source](Visit) Whether you guys met in school, at the bar, or have been childhood friends, somehow you found love and you’ve decided that its time to make it last forever through the union of marriage. We want to offer you some tips to make your proposal go as smoothly as possible. Let’s get right into them. 1. Make Sure You’re Ready Getting married ain’t like dating. It is a lifelong commitment and is something you want to be sure you’ve got covered. Make sure you’re ready to handle the commitment that comes with it. Never propose because you’re under pressure from your partner or parent or any other external influence. Make sure you’re doing this for yourself. 2. Make Sure You’re On The Same Page This might seem so obvious, but not always for everyone. Before you go plotting, it is important to make sure you both have marriage in mind, so it doesn’t totally catch the other person off-guard. Talk to your partner about the future let them know that you plan to get married someday even discuss a bit more. Just make sure you give them enough heads up. 3. Talk To Their Parent This may sound old school but its very important if you want to avoid trouble in the future. Seek the blessing or permission of their parents before you go ahead. It shows honor and the parent would respect you more. Although there are exceptions to this rule like, if both parents are dead or if you both plan to elope (which I do not recommend). 4. Get The Ring The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry your partner will be wearing every day for the rest of their life, so you need to put some effort into it. Get a sense of what they’ll really love! You could ask her close friends to help you stylishly ask her or family member, or someone who knows what her dream jewelry would be. Make sure you know her/his ring size. 5. Find the Right Moment Timing is very important. Because this is a moment they’d probably remember for there’d of their lives you want to make sure it is as perfect and well thought of as possible. 6. Find The Right Place Depending on their personality, find the right place that suits what you want to do. Decide if you wanna do a grand gesture or you just want to do something small and romantic. It’s all up to you. But make sure you do your homework. If you want o set up a surprise make sure your back story is airtight and they are unsuspecting but remember not everybody like a surprise. 7. Propose Just do it, don’t try to overthink it. You may not be able to find the perfect moment to propose if you keep overanalyzing everything. Just get it done the best way you know how and all will be just fine. So there you have it seven very important things to consider before you propose. Think we missed any? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below. [For more click](
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