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Logo Design For Mongostream



![Untitled-5-01.png]( This is one of my best logos i have designed. WHY? Because the logo is neat and fine, the colors are perfect together and the logo is easy to remember. # Details about project Mongostream is a project on github, the home of open source applications. I love contributing logo designs to open source projects since i don't know how to write codes like the developers lolz. Ok back to basis, Mongostream is a node.js application that synchronize data between Mongodb and Elastic search. You can find the project on github here [source project]( # Idea behind logo design I went online and checked the logo of Mongodb and Elastic search and tried to fuse the two logos together. I therefore used more elements of Mongodb logo and chose the color palettes from the Elastic search logo.
![logo1-01.png]( ![MongoStream-01.png]( ![logo2-01.png]( # Here you can see the favicon size variations... ![logo3.png]( ![logo4.png]( ![logo5-01.png](
*** # Tools used For this logo, i used Adobe Illustrator application. *** Dee-y Cares ®
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