Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology




![logo.png]( ### WHAT IS WEKU? Weku is a platform or social media site like steemit, you can make money with weku, the method is quite simple you only need to register a my account to start blogging. If you do not already have an account, you can register the account first, just click here ( The way it works is quite simple, you can start blogging with any theme, starting from sports, poetry, adventure, travel, photography, and others. You will get gifts based on how many upvotes you get, upvote is the same as like on fb. ### WEKU TOKEN HAD BEEN GETTEN SALE AT THE BEGINNING OF APRIL The main core of weku is power, for those of you who want to have a fairly large power or in other words want to invest, then you can directly buy my tokens on their site, but you can also play this site without buying my tokens. The point is there is no compulsion to buy weku tokens for those of you who want to join Weku. Tokens will be sold and purchased at the beginning of month 4, 2019. ### WHAT IS THE USE OF THE WEKU TOKEN The bigger the power I have you have, the greater the upvote value you have, essentially you have nothing to lose buying this my token. This my Token can later be exchanged in the market like in Bitshares at the beginning of the 4th month you can sell my tokens to real money.
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