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10 February 2014


I sent her a picture of couple kissing forehead. And i was expecting that she could felt my lips on her forehead too. As i have been training myself to be a realistic man, i was afraid that i could be bored with her some days. However, i am not a lady killer nor am i a greedy man in making love so we would be the best partner, i perceived. She was born in a decent family. To me, she was neither very beautiful nor rich and i loved her somehow. I couldn't remember when i felt in love with this princess. We realized when we were left home togehter as her family members left for homeland (we had been together several time but never felt like this time.) We were watching Shawn the Sheep after dinner. She was sleeping and i was sitting next to her. As night went, i look at her more often and i wanted to touch her curly hair but i didn't. I instead put my little finger into her little finger too and we would feel the heart, the warm heart, the long-yearning heart inside us. That is the moment we considered ourselves lovers. It was not love at first sigh coz we had know each other for almost 3 years and never felt this way before. We used to worked 8 hours a day together for nearly 6 months, only 2 of us. And i never knew i loved her until i left for AIS. Since we were not together, i felt i wanted to see her, talked with her, listened to her voice and felt her shy awkward smile in front of me. It was all about that little fingers, awkward smile and tender soft voice made cry hard few months later. ![](
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