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Transient ship of fools, I. Bosch (1460-1516)


Artist of the early Dutch Renaissance-Jerome Bosch (Hieronymus Bosch). The figure of the unforgettable and unique artist stands in front of the world is sad and unyielding. ![]( Bosch provincial. His narrowed world allowed him to feel a particle communicating with the universe cosmos. Concepts and words sounded in this little world, as absolute and full truths. Hieronymus van aken, his name was. Born and lived in 's-Hertogenbosch, which means" Duke's forest." Once in this part of the Netherlands were hunted by the Dukes of Brabant. Brabanter Bosch – "the forest"? The forest man, independent of judgments and convictions, influences, schools, directions, although, obviously, and did not avoid following the traditions, grew up in a family of artists. But he possessed a strong temperamental talent, fully enough myself. Isn't it the artist himself who creates habitat and sets its laws? ![]( Cheerful artist-Bosch. Bright thing-life. He made me laugh where he might have shed tears. Awkward creatures and unimaginable situations in his paintings are consonant with beliefs, predictions, biblical descriptions. Monsters still scare, but more rattle their "armor". They are awkward masquerade, though hidden under the clownish attire terrible nature. All the same, props, Comedy, strange poses and characters are laughable. Karel van Mander repeatedly mentions this. And others find a combination of cosmic and spooky. Even big "fan of the Inquisition," dark Spanish king Philip II bought a painting by Bosch for "noble entertainment". The laughter of Bosch's sometimes entertaining, sometimes that sounds dramatic, and often philosophic. Not for nothing called the artist the greatest genius of all satirists. But above all Bosch is a man of conscience. ![]( Look at him. Not tall, but he's a snuggler. Simple jacket buttoned tightly, a wide wrinkled face blows recklessness and deceit. Strong, sinewy neck, freely growing hair, large expressive eyes, circled by a rim of sadness. The feeling is that this man is holding back tears. Something in him from good fellow, and something of the monk. There are the expected self-portraits: young, smiling, his eyes languishing, eyebrows scattering, anxious face, eyes isplakala, a crooked smile, the face of the dry, ascetic priestly, hopelessly watching; the face of the skeptic and analyzer. Look with sumashedshyh, turned deep into the soul. And where else to go from an environment of meaninglessness! This is the face of the "Prodigal son" full of wild cheerfulness, in whom Bosch himself was recognized. ![]( Throughout his life, who lived in the same city, the artist always felt like a stranger. Prodigal son leaves home, which can hardly be called and spoken native, and home. Leaky roof, broken glass, broken shutters, running yard, restless guests. At the trough pounded skinny pigs. The prodigal son looks at the world he leaves without regret and with a grin. This world is purposeless and gone. And not leaving his prodigal son concerned, and life purpose. Skinny, ragged (knee shines through the hole), defiantly wrapped in sneakers and shoes, wounded – one leg tied with a white rag, with a box behind his shoulders – he himself is a random figure on the ground - and goes on a journey that will not lead him anywhere. Sad painter-Bosch. Sad thing is life. However, how calm and beautiful it hilly valley, overgrown with trees... Bosch's second in Europe after Dante, was talking about what he knows about what is happening "in the bowels of the underworld." In any case, according to experts, he successfully portrayed the existence of hell. Showed many species and subspecies of all sorts of evil, what no one before him did not know. Subsequently wrote about his painfully-obsessive demonism. Hardly impure invented them for their own good. Perhaps even he was sad that they exist. But the tangible pleasure of the artist clearly: only he can bring to the public this strange parade alley. He would have downplayed the number of participants, but the sense of truth is not allowed. Bosch is a very objective artist. A book from a private library. The photos are made from a book. ![]( To be continued...
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