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Parade pavilion in the heart of Istanbul or a place where you can dream


Hello! Today I will show you one of my places in the historical center of Istanbul. It is a library and cultural center in Gulhane Park. ![]( This building I noticed in my very first visit to Istanbul. Unusual architectural building beckoned with its mystery. This is the most extreme point of the Topkapi Palace wall. If you take the high-speed T1 tram, then you need to get off at Gulhane stop. ![]( View of the library from the outside. The first building was built in the 16th century and is called Alay pavilion. The current pavilion was built at Mahmud II. Its purpose is to observe the festive parades of the Sultan. But in different years sultans differently used this building. ![]( When you entered Gulhane Park, the library will be on the left side. Let me remind you that this is a neighbourhood of Fatih district. Nearby is Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue mosque. ![]( The cultural center has been named after the famous Turkish writer and poet Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar (1901-1962) since 2011. ![]( This is the Central hall of the cultural center. ![]( ![]( Decoration of all rooms is simply magnificent. Dimmed light and a huge number of books. ![]( You feel like you're in the middle ages. ![]( Second hall. From this hall sultans watched ceremonial processions on the street. ![]( The cultural centre includes a library and a literary Museum. ![]( Entrance to the cultural center for any person is completely free. Just leave your passport with the guard. ![]( ![]( The library is open from 10 am to 18 PM. Books are all in direct access. ![]( Here is another room with a view of Gulhane Park. Students spend a lot of time here. And beautiful and useful. Books are presented from different scientific directions. ![]( This is another small room. ![]( I liked the chandeliers in every room. Very nicely decorated. ![]( The atmosphere is very calm, I like to read here. As you can see, there is no influx of people. ![]( View from the Windows of Gulhane Park. Workers planted new flowers. ![]( ![]( In this library you will find some copies of books from the library of the Topkapi Palace. I enjoy spending a lot of time here. So much interesting information that you can come here every day. ![]( The Museum contains exhibits related to the life of the writer writer Ahmed Hamdi Tanpinar. The writer was able to describe the state of mind of the Turkish people, which was between the new and old times. The most famous work of Ahmed Hamdi Tanpinar is "Rest"/"Huzur". The novel was released in 1949. It is called one of the best novels about the contrast of Istanbul. ![]( Thank you for your attention! Today is another wonderful day! All good sentiments!
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