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Odessa sweetheart! Walk


All good! How nice to come to your native land and enjoy your favorite streets and parks! It is even more pleasant to notice that there are creative changes and Odessa becomes even more attractive! ![]( ![]( Native land - it's like flying, meditation and happiness! ![]( Odessa is the brightness of colors and emotions. It is thoughtfulness and delight! ![]( Pearl by the sea - a cycle of pleasant events ![]( It is the delight and joy of children ![]( Odessa loves everyone and is friends with everyone! ![]( I like the mural on Uspenskaya street - " This wall is my home!"- it is written on the picture ![]( Monument to Isaac Babel at the intersection of Zhukovsky and Richelieu. I can't pass it by... ![]( I always want to welcome the great writer of Odessa Isaac Babel! Thank you for your attention!
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