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From Marazlievskaya street and beyond


All good! Today we will start our walk from Marazlievskaya street. This is one of the most beautiful and old streets of South Palmyra. Named in honor of Gigoia mayor of Odessa G. Marazli, who was the real master of our city. Marazlievskaya street appeared in the beginning of the XIX century and was named New. Since it is located near the port, it was previously inhabited by poor workers. They lived in temporary shacks and warehouses ![]( With the arrival of G. G. Marazli street began to change dramatically. The land was sold to rich merchants and merchants to build beautiful mansions. From the sea should be visible the beauty and wealth of southern Palmyra - so thought Marazli. Architects set to work and their imagination had no boundaries. We only look at some of the houses. Later'll show the rest ![]( Profitable house of Lutsk on Marazlievskaya, 2. The Chinese Embassy is located nearby. Architectural Duo of this house - Galperson S. S. & M. I. Linetsky. This is the best project in Odessa of two masters. Since the city is not one house that they designed. House style - ornamental art Nouveau ![]( House of Lutsk was built in 1902-1903 year. Ornamental art Nouveau was only born in these years. The land in these parts was expensive, only wealthy inhabitants of Odessa could afford to buy it. Architectural orders were also not cheap. The house turned out with a lush nature and with numerous stucco details. In this building up to the revolution there were branches of Peasant and Noble banks. The house is partially restored, a lot of stucco details lost time... ![]( Street Marazlievskaya street, 14-b. Apartment house Y. A. Naum was built 1912-1913 by architect J. S. Goldenberg. This was the first project of the house, some experts say That the best project of J. S. Goldenberg in his work. In the house touched a few styles - a retrospective art Nouveau, art Nouveau, modernized neoempire. It is absolutely extraordinary style for Odessa. Two protruding risalits, the Central part is pressed into the interior-this non-standard solution of the architect gives the house a unique solemnity and splendor. ![]( Profitable house of M. O. Mendelevich. Built in 1905 at the address Marazlievskaya, 14-a. This is a beautiful house, which has collected a lot of architectural styles. Neo-Renaissance, modern and "Egyptian style" in a sense. The interior beauty and decoration of the house is many times superior to its exterior. The house is completely renovated. Inside you will find splendour and richness. ![]( Marazlievskaya Street, 16. We go in even numbers as it is opposite the Shevchenko Park. This building is one of the oldest on Marazlievskaya street. This is the mansion of Julia Morton, which was built in 1886. Demosthenes Mazirov was the architect of the building. Architectural solutions were embodied by a mixture of styles. This Renaissance, a symbiosis of the Baroque, eclecticism ![]( Marazlievskaya Street ![]( Street Marazlievskaya, 18, built in 1880. The house is slightly recessed. This is Mendelevich's tenement house. Here lived at one time one of the mayors of Odessa - Lieutenant General Vasily dementievich Novitsky. Before the revolution, there were terrible riots in South Palmyra and beyond. Several mayors in Odessa were replaced. But no one could calm the raging city (1905-1907). Started his duties seventy Novitsky could not stand the load and died of fatigue. Odessa managed about three months and lived in this house on Marazlievskaya, 18. ![]( Marazlievskaya, 20. Apartment house Pankeeva, architect-L. L. Vlodek. In this house lived the legendary patient Sigmund Freud-Sergei Pankeev, who all his life imagined that he was a wolf. ![]( Marazlievskaya, 28. This mansion belonged to Mendelevich too, as well as many houses in Odessa. The house was built in 1909 by the architect V. I. Prokhazka. The modernized neo-Renaissance became a decoration of the house. (The photo was a little dark...) Bas-reliefs of the walls-a stylization of education of children. The interior of the house is of particular interest. Only here the condition of the house is very deplorable... ![]( The beautiful new house was built in keeping with the style of the old house, which was once built by A. Bernardazzi. The house is located on crossing of streets Marazlievskaya street and sabanskiy lane ![]( New house in the residential white sail, like a city:) ![]( Element of the house on Cable car street ![]( Street cable car (formerly Sverdlov) ![]( Crossing the street cable Car and Greek ![]( The building of the naval College after A. I. Marinesko street cable car ![]( If you turn from the Cable car street down, we get to the Quarantine descent ![]( Here's the start of the Quarantine descent ![]( Quarantine the descent leads to the Quarantine area (or a Customs) ![]( Free artists tried to ennoble the Quarantine descent drawings of old times ![]( On walls of houses and protections we see thematic drawings of old Odessa ![]( This old part of the city is covered with dense greenery and" a little " abandoned ![]( Customs area. If you go straight, we get to Langeron descent. If we go up, there will be a Literary Museum, Dumskaya square, Opera house nearby ![]( The customs area ![]( The monument to the Potemkin at the Customs area So we walked from Marazlievskaya street to the Customs square in Odessa. The journey time is not large, around 1.5 hours at a relaxed pace:) Thank you for your attention! Photos of the iPhone 6s+
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