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Art museum. Odessa. Ukraine


Hi friends! Visiting museums, exhibitions and other historical places always makes it possible to touch something high. I would like to talk about our art Museum in Odessa. Many times visited this place and always find something new and interesting. Or are looking the other way on the creativity of some of the Creator that brings a new feeling. ![]( I will not tell about the rich history of the Museum better than historians and local historians. I just want to recommend to the guests of our city to visit this educational and historical place. ![]( Knowledgeable guides will lift the curtain On the history of Odessa and the emergence of this Museum. This is a very exciting journey! Details about the schedule, cost and travel, all can be found on the official website of the Museum. Guides and Museum staff are constantly engaged in scientific activities, each new visit gives new facts and our region. ![]( Here, everyone will find the direction that he likes. Starting from the building and location of the Museum, its entire territory, premises - all wrapped up in the spirit of history and mysteries of the past. A huge number of works will not leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, only 50% of the paintings are exhibited in the halls, the room does not allow to exhibit all the expositions at once. The rest are carefully stored away from the sun. Museum staff periodically change the picture in the halls, so you can come and always see something new. ![]( The Museum presents different trends and styles of art, as well as many busts and monuments, as well as porcelain. ![]( Very interesting work on the iconography of the 16th and 17th centuries. A lot of works by I. K. Aivazovsky are collected here. Complete collections of works by V. Surikov, I. Shishkin, I. Levitan, I. Repin and others are presented. ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( Time 10-20 centuries will tell you about their heroes, for example, N. Roerich, V. Serov, V. Kandinsky and others. ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( On the second floor of the Museum are the works of Odessa artists I. M. Ostrovsky, V. M., Sinitsky, Yu. a. Kovalenko, and other artists since the 1990s. Attention is drawn to the exhibition hall on the second floor. It regularly hosts exhibitions of contemporary photographers and artists. ![]( ![]( ![]( Fans of arts and crafts will find a lot of interesting things in the lower hall of the Museum. Here is a collection of rugs with interesting patterns, knitting, clothing and linen with fine embroidery, shoes and dishes of our region. I've always wondered how our ancestors lived, what they wore, how they decorated their homes. And what amazing items made of glass did our glass enterprises, unfortunately there are so few. Sometimes the inhabitants of Odessa give the glass objects to the Museum when they learn that more such not to find. ![]( I am very impressed by the following paintings: Atsmanchuk A. P. Polet, 1965. Look at this picture, everything is turning inside. As in motion, the artist conveyed the feelings depicted on the canvas. sometimes I have an Association with Gustav Klimt and his painting"Kiss". Different styles, but a lot of intertwining emotions. ![]( Roerich N. K. "Costume design for the production of the play", 1914. Love Roerich, for his extraordinary taste and unique style of writing. ![]( Picture of Z. E. Serebryakova, "the Harvest", 1915. The beauty of our hillsides, plains, fields and the beauty of our women, who enjoy everything they touch, are wonderfully conveyed. And the immense wealth of our land is shown in all its glory. ![]( Near this picture, I can stand for hours! Belloli, A. F., "Bather", 1875. The picture at once fascinates with the huge size of a cloth on the first floor of the Museum. Beauty, tenderness, sensuality, femininity - all passed the author. The picture causes an explosion of emotions! Odessa grotto at the depths of the Museum is also of great interest and history. This time I learned that the Museum is looking for patrons to restore underground Park, which was a place for meetings and celebrations of Odessa. The entrance to the garden of the grotto, which has already been adequately repaired. At one time there nobody went down because of an emergency condition. Now everything is worthy and beautiful. To tell more about it will not, because not until you go there, do not know and feel, it's not so bright. I highly recommend to visit our Museum and take a guide, get a lot of fun and new information about our Odessa and the region as a whole. Prices are very affordable. Thank you for your attention! Today is another wonderful day! All good sentiments!
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