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A small part of old Istanbul


Hi friends! Today we are in Gulhane Park. I remind you that the Park is located in the historical part of Istanbul near Topkapi, the archaeological Museum and Hagia Sophia. Not far from the Park is the station Sirkeci. From the Park we go along the historical paths to the station. ![]( Gulhane Park, as always, in all its glory. The tulips that faded, changed to a new one. Everything is very green and beautiful. ![]( Gulhane magic Park. And this is not only due to the history, but rather to the beauty of the Park. It is considered to be one of the best parks in Istanbul. About him I say many, we often here walk. ![]( The Park houses the Museum of Islamic science and technology. ![]( The Museum is located in the building where the Sultan's stable was in Ottoman times. ![]( The Museum is adjacent to the Palace wall. ![]( Architectural composition near the Museum. ![]( Any only flowers here there is no. ![]( Chamomile also planted. ![]( I can't miss such beauty ![]( Landscape solutions in the form of zigzags. ![]( Each section of the Park as a corner of creativity. But all in all looks very solid. ![]( Very beautiful arch. But the vine has not yet blossomed. Then everything will turn into a romantic Paradise. ![]( Take a look at the background of the photos. There are very beautiful patterns of flowers. ![]( Here's a flower from the flowers. The tulips wilted, but soon they will update. ![]( It is a pity that many people do not understand how much work is invested in this beauty. Everyone's trying to go inside for pictures. The police do not have time to keep track of everything. Yes, and the police are listening with the third times. ![]( Next to the arch of Gulhane Park there is a farmyard. Here bring all the flowers, the earth. ![]( If you walk a little around the household yard, you can get out of the Park Gulhane through the old gate of the Palace. The road will take you to Sirkeci station. ![]( I am now surprised by this tourist part of Istanbul, but before Scarecrow. For the first time, my friend and I flew to Istanbul and chose a hotel that is close to many attractions. We drove up a taxi from the Central streets, where there is a high-speed tram. ![]( From the rear of these streets, of course, still the same. From the window of our room was a crane that was practically knocking at our window. For many years there is little that has changed... There are still a few hotels. When we went to the Sirkeci railway station, watched in horror at the scary house. ![]( Then I got used to the species. But it's creepy at night... ![]( That ugly fence the station Sirkeci. The artists tried to decorate it with murals. ![]( That's what came out of it. But a little better than that. Previously, other inscriptions were))) ![]( Now we see the sights of Istanbul on the wall. It's fun... ![]( Trojan horse from Canakkale also painted, well done. ![]( What about Istanbul without dervishes? Or without the Galata tower? ![]( The old Sirkeci railway station. For a very long time there have not been any reconstruction. Now they are delayed. Still doing something. Sirkeci station was the final destination for the Orient Express. I would like to preserve the beautiful architecture in Seljuk style. ![]( At the entrance to the station, placed the locomotive of 1874. His brothers Krauss created it. This is a kind of symbol of the locomotive "Orient Express". True, in some guidebooks it is written that he is the locomotive of the "Orient Express". But true or not, I don't know. ![]( So we walked a little along the Park Gulhane. Walked through the old streets in the direction of the station Sirkeci. Walk just minutes 10. At the station I saw a woman who looked more like a Teddy bear, dressed in furs... Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+
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