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Taiwan Prosecutors Request that the Truck Manager be Arrested for Suspected of Causing a Train Accident


The accident on Friday (02/04) around 09:00 local time. A train in Taiwan crashed into a truck when it skidded onto the tracks from a construction site, trapping hundreds of people for hours in badly damaged train cars.

Currently according to the information I got on several websites Prosecutors in Taiwan are asking for the arrest of a construction site manager whose truck is suspected of causing a train accident that killed 50 people.

The train, departing the capital Taipei for Taitung, was full of people traveling to celebrate the tomb-cleaning (Qingming) festival.

This accident occurred when the train was passing through a tunnel north of Hualien. Rescuers combed badly damaged carriages inside the tunnel to find survivors, some of whom smashed carriage windows to get out.

Many of the nearly 500 passengers were standing when the accident occurred because the train was so full.

Then on Saturday (03/04), the rescue team began moving the relatively undamaged back carriages of the train out of the tunnel. Those carriages that were more severely damaged were left in the tunnels.

According to information, Train 408 is one of the fastest trains, operated in a network that is generally considered safe. The train can go up to a speed of 130 km / hour.

President Tsai Ing-wen will visit Hualien on Saturday to meet survivors.

According to accounts, several people at the back of the train survived without being injured, while 100 people were rescued from the first four carriages. Many of the dead, injured and trapped passengers were in the four carriages that were badly damaged in the tunnel.

"I felt a sudden violent jolt, then I fell to the floor," a female survivor told Taiwanese media UDN. "We broke the windows to get out of the carriages and onto the roof of the train."

The train passengers walked to safety from the tunnel with their luggage

Another woman who survived said: "My whole body fell to the floor. I hit my head and started bleeding."

A 50 year old survivor told the newspaper Apple Daily he saw many people trapped under their seats and when he got out of his carriage he saw bodies everywhere.

Local media reported the train driver was among the dead.



The image above shows a large yellow flat truck lying on the side of the rail. A construction project is underway near the north end of the tunnel.

That is a glimpse of the information regarding - Taiwan prosecutors ask for the truck manager to be arrested for allegedly causing a train accident. Hopefully this information is useful.

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