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Just imagine if we can hear and see this in this mortal realm, I only intend to share an inspirational story for you, what's the story?

A precious jewel that is Gold said to the ground, Look at you, gloomy and weak, do you have a shiny light like me? And are you as valuable as I am?

A few seconds The ground was silent hearing this, then the ground shook its head and answered, I can grow flowers and fruit, can grow grass and trees, can grow plants and many others, can you ..?

Then it was golden turn to be silent, a thousand languages ​​heard what was spoken by that weak and gloomy land!

Have you ever thought in this life that there are many people who are like gold, precious, dazzling but not beneficial to others.

We can say success in career, beautiful in appearance, but difficult to help let alone care for other people.

But there is also something like land, try to imagine. Average position, unpretentious but light-handed, ready to help those in need and at any time.

Actually, in life, the real meaning of life does not lie in how valuable we are, but how much we benefit others. If our existence can be a blessing to many people, then we really have value.

What good is success if it does not benefit us, our family and others.

What is the meaning of prosperity if you do not share with the needy.

What is the meaning of intelligence if it does not inspire all around us.

Truly Because life is a process, there are times when we give and there are times when we receive.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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