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A Devotional Night - Reaction And Response


Hi everyone, friends of, how are you doing, are you all right, I hope you are all well and always healthy.

This is an evening devotional on reaction and response! One day there is a funny incident that has ever existed in the real world that I have ever seen, this incident started in the city of MEDAN / INDONESIA in a well-known restaurant there which is crowded with customers enjoying dishes that are so delicious and delicious, the beauty of the atmosphere is so relaxed and peaceful.

After a few minutes I was at the restaurant while waiting for my order to arrive. Suddenly, out of nowhere a cockroach flew and landed on the shoulder of a middle-aged woman, the woman spontaneously screamed hysterically. With a panicked face and trembling voice he got up from his seat and jumped up and down while saying Aaaaa..Aa..Aaaacchhhh .... With both hands he tried to brush off the cockroach which was now trying to get under his hair. But as a result he managed to ward off the cockroach and the cockroach moved to another woman whose drama was roughly the same as the first woman.

At that time I was looking and laughing softly, there were many people in the same drama like me hahhaa, or even laughed while looking at the woman with a smile.

Then a servant came running to help. Suddenly the cockroach flew and landed on the waiter's shoulder. The waiter was silent and watched the cockroach's movements. After he was sure, he caught the cockroach with his hand and then brought it out of the restaurant casually outside, slammed the cockroach and then trampled it to death. The terror that occurred is finished.

I feel sorry to see that middle-aged woman blushed when people looked at her because of the unexpected incident that happened to her, but I'm sure everyone can tolerate seeing it, even though there are still many people smiling.

It is time for us to examine together:

Was this cockroach the one responsible for the racket on this day? Most of the people would think yes. Indeed cockroaches are the source of the noise.


Then why didn't the waiter seem to be panicking and making a fuss? He is almost perfect in responding to the cockroach's presence in the restaurant.

In fact, this mess happened not because of the cockroach. This commotion occurs because of the inability of the women above to respond to this incident calmly and think clearly. So he reacted like crazy. If only he doesn't panic, then the situation will be easier for him to control without the need to overdo it.

In our life, actually a lot of chaos and noise occurs because we fail or are not ready to respond to unexpected events. For example, when we get verbal abuse from our superiors / parents / even other people. We are often unable to cope with the situation and sometimes tend to get emotional so that our attitudes and reactions make things worse.

In fact, more than that problem, sometimes the reaction to the problem can often cause injury if not on us, it could be that the injury happened to someone else. Therefore let's avoid being reactive like the woman, be responsive like the waitress. Howhow?

I remembered that in Neuro Linguistic Programming there is a technique called Reframming. It depends on how bad a person's reactive level is. He can refram reactive events in the past and form positive memories / memories of how he should respond to a signal that often causes negative reactions from within him. At a level that is not too severe it can be done alone, but if the level of negative reactions is very severe, perhaps a professional who can trust him to dig up his subconscious memories and refram the subconscious so that it can respond positively when the signal / stimulus comes. (Hypnotherapy Theory).

"Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always intellectual"

Unknown This friend is in 2021, don't respond to things in a negative way anymore. Be in control of ourselves and always give a positive response. Because Reactions can show our ignorance, while positive and good responses can show how smart our emotional intelligence level is.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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