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Today game play Car Race Master, i finished the level no 291,


 Hello dear friends, have a nice day,
I hope all friends is well, and living comfortable life with your family,And for the sake of Allah, all will be well,
I am also too very fine, And I am good by the mercy of Allah, And living a comfortable life with my family life, Today I have played game play urban rivals stage,
Today game play level no 291, this game play eight player, This game play Car Race Master,
This game eight player Participated,
              The player name is below,
(i) Mangus,
(ii) Keisha,
(iii) Tryphena,
(iv) Erastus,
(v) Anita,
(vi) Amla,
(vii) Wilfred,
(viii) Mine, 

And I really enjoy playing this game, Because playing this game refresh the mind, And heart likes it too, This game play two player participated, my opponent player want to win, But he would have won, Who plays with the mind, Because one lives in excitement, my opponent player try very hard, but no win the game,
We two players participated, and I finished the game 
In which i got 4th rank, and got reward 100 coin, and finished the game 4th rank,
And my opponent finish the game 1st,2nd 3rd,5th,6th 7th 8th rank,and he achieve the rank, and reward,
I Hope you all like this post, And will vote more and more, And I pray to Allah that you have a good day,
I Screenshot and video while playing the game,

Below is game play video,
Today game play video link 
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