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Together we are making the house beautiful.


Today we have done a lot of work at home. First of all we some pots. Which is making our life beautiful. Some we have placed plants at both places. In the first place we have planted some small plants. Flowers have been planted in the second place. I have planted hawthorn plant at three places. Then I was planting Gudahl flower. On the other hand we have planted all the Phulwari . We have planted some plants. But some plants are yet to be planted. So I am preparing now. We do not have all kinds of plants. That's why plants are planting new ones.

We have taken some bottles before planting some plants. And then we have cut the bottle in the middle. And then color all over the bottle. We have painted red on some bottles. And then green and yellow is done on the rest of the bottle. But even after the color of the bottle has not shone. But the color was right with us. So I have repainted it on some bottles. It shines quite well. But we have all planted small plants in the bottle. Because this plant can bloom easily.



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