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Eyes are precious to us.


Now summer has started. Eye problems increase. Therefore, care should be taken during the summer season. First of all, you need a diet. Your body should have complete nutrients. For this, you can eat fruits and vegetables. You will get nutritious in it. Always keep in mind that eating green leafy vegetables, it is beneficial for the eyes. You can also add dry fruit every day. It also benefits your eyes. Always take care of your weight in this season. Weight is increasing. So you are most important to exercise. Also caters to other diseases. For example, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. should be controlled.

Then the light in your eyes stays true. Even strong sunlight is harmful to your eyes. So always avoid strong sunlight, if you work in strong sunlight, then you can use sunglasses. Smoking also increases the problem of your eyes. If you smoke then it should be stopped. This can reduce your eye problem. Your eye problem is increasing. So you can talk to the doctor. Before applying hands to the eyes, one should wash them thoroughly with soap. For some reason the eyes are itchy. So you can  medicine in the eyes. You can get a lot of benefits from this.

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