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A Purple flower is blooming in the house.(550) πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎπŸ—‘οΈ


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I had planted a flower at home a few days ago. Its color always appears different. I think it appears purple along with pink and red. I have started blooming purple flowers at home. I have planted it in a 14 inch pot. The special thing about this plant is that many flowers are seen blooming simultaneously in this plant. For some reason we see these flowers close to four leaves. I keep planting such flowers in the house. But Ritu always takes care of the plant. Even two days ago he had started planting some new saplings. Once the seeds have been damaged by rain. She is sowing the seeds again. This time the weather is also good. I think so. That the plant will start growing soon.

Photos captured by @ahlawat
Camera Device nothing Rear Camera 12MP
Lens Default
Category Nature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
Location India
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