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Digital image (your writing story competition 100)


We have a very happy moment. Today an image of my friend is presented. We have a 100th contest. But it is presented in 100 digital arts. I want to congratulate my friend. This time we join this competition. Is a digital art. About which you have to write a few words. This is what promotes the success of our friend. I hope. That you will like this art.

We have a beautiful earth. In which a lot of people live. But other planets are on our earth. But we always look at the other planet. Me and my friend talk about going to a place. I asked her to stop. But he says that now is a good time to go there. Let's go with my friend. On going there, we see blue sky all around. There is also a desert at some distance. Which become high mountains. The sea is the sea around it. But there is also soil on some part. Where green trees are growing. A very beautiful view is visible at a distance. Some beautiful planets are visible.

Suddenly I see That a planet is coming close to us. I have spoken to my friend. That this planet is moving towards our Earth. This can be dangerous for us. Therefore, in order to keep our planet safe, we have to save our Earth from other houses. We have seen this At what distance does it fall. How much Nakusan reaches our earth. We have to protect everyone.

[Digital art made by @xpilar](

I have expressed my feelings in the story. It is a nature scene. Which provide us a story of life.

Everyone is welcome.



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