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15 minutes a day, or 30 minutes and 1 hour always keeps you healthy


The day should start with your yoga, but nowadays meditation is also beneficial, before you do have to have knowledge of yoga, then you can still exercise, only you have to take time out for yourself, this need remains for your body. Have you ever thought that we work throughout the day but never think about the body, so always give 15 minutes to 1 hour to your body. This keeps your body energized and also keeps you away from diseases. 

Your exercise keeps you active, you have some main organs in your body, it keeps our body fit, you can do yoga asanas or pranayam, yoga always gives peace to your mind or you can also do for just 15 minutes of meditation. Or you can exercise any breath, it will keep your body fit 

To keep your heart fit, you should do yoga or you can also do exercise, you should only exercise for 5 minutes, always take special care of food together, always have a discussion with your doctor. Should you ever increase your blood pressure, then reduce the salt and ghee in your food. You will start having blood pressure low.

Before doing yoga, it is necessary to know the correct posture, the method of sitting should be correct or the postures of yoga keep our body right. In this you have to be calm, stable or you can move slowly before starting any posture. Should start from 1 minute and after that you can take any time later, the energy of the body depends on our breathing and stopping the breath and leaving the breath, so always pay attention to Pranayama, this increases the spirit of our yoga. 




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Enjoy your Monday. A healthy lifestyle is one that helps maintain and improve your health and well-being.
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