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📷 -155, All the children are giving paper.


After some time we reached school. It is 9 o'clock, then the children have started coming. First we start the prayer. Then they perform the national anthem. After that, we send the children to class. Nowadays all children have paper, every class has different paper. But some children had just started coming.

Then I am checking the children's paper. All the children are giving paper very well. But 15 days of preparations are taking longer than expected. This is class 6. Computer paper is being done here. All the children in the paper are working very hard. It is number 50 in the exam. In which children can bring any number above 17. With this, he is coming in first and second place and in third place. At present, it is incomplete to give children exams. So they have about 1 hour left. 

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