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And Ode To Good Fathers



As a father, your children are the most important people in your life. Just like a mother, a good father also has great love and affection for his children. He will do anything to ensure they are happy and healthy, putting them first in everything he does.
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A father is often regarded the head of a supportive family and a source of strength. In some instances, fathers are left to take on the roles of mothers too, especially in more modern times where perhaps the wife and mother is the breadwinner and works, while the father takes care of the children and the household. A good father is strong and firm in personality. He is patient as he guides his children and teaches them responsibility. He is firm but at the same time shows empathy towards his children. A father will do his best for his children, they are his priority. The hardships that befall, the difficult times, they are all accepted and overcome, for his children. A good father consoles his child in sadness, while mourning himself. A good father might feel tired and hunger, but he feeds his children first, and makes sure they have a bed to sleep in. The father is on his child’s side at all times, even when he reprimands him, it is to help him. And when the children leave home, and the father might be left lonely, he does not complain. He happily listens to his children’s stories and adventures and encourages them to explore the world. Being a father is a blessing, it what makes us wake up each morning to relive the day.
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And one day…the son will become a father himself. The cycle will repeat itself, and the world will be happy. A dedication of thankfulness to all good fathers.
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