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Hello guys, what are the benefits and side effects of eating carrots


Carrot is a vegetable which is full of nutrients. Many other minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A, C, K, B, Zinc, Iron are found in it. Therefore, in winter you will often see people preparing and eating carrot juice, carrot halwa, carrot curry etc. But, this does not mean that carrots do not cause any harm. There are many disadvantages of eating it. So, let us tell you today about the disadvantages of carrots.

Eating too many carrots can cause sleep problems. Similarly, the problem of insomnia continues in winter. Moreover, this problem may increase further after eating carrots.


This is because the yellow part of the carrot is very hot, due to which people may have the problem of stomach burning. That's why they sleep

Carrots are a curse for some people. By eating which they start having many problems.

Mothers should stay away from carrots the most. Be it carrot juice or carrot halwa. Because when she breastfeeds her children, whatever she eats reaches her child.


According to studies, carrots change the taste of breast milk. Therefore, especially mothers should stay away from carrots (disadvantages of eating carrots

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