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Sweet martabak may stick with chocolate, cheese, or peanuts. The three flavors are often called classic flavors.



![IMG_20190510_065302.jpg]( Sweet martabak may stick with chocolate, cheese, or peanuts. The three flavors are often called classic flavors. ![IMG_20190510_065312.jpg]( Later, the onslaught of innovations of Martabak flavors such as Nutella, Ovomaltine, Green Tea and various sprinkles added to the crowded variants of Martabak. However, what if the durian is a complement to the taste of martabak? A store in Margonda, Depok City, West Java provides durian martabak dishes. If the people who are in Aceh at the end of the year holiday, please visit the typical North Aceh culinary tour located on Jalan Medan-Banda Aceh, No 1, Geudong, Kecamatan Samudera. The place is very affordable, no need to enter the hallway. He is right on the edge of the national road. Amir Hamzah told me, at first the martabak business was carried out by his father. At that time, it was still being sold in a small wooden construction shop. Durian martabak was first in Aceh, in the form of his father named M. Rasyid. After his father died, his durian martabak business was taken over by him. He continues to develop the martabak inherited from his parents with a distinctive taste and can spoil anyone who eats it. "Around 1980, my father prepared this martabak durian for the first time in Aceh. At that time the price was very cheap, Rp. 500 to 700 rupiahs, and now it only costs Rp. 7,000. ![IMG_20190510_065302.jpg]( He claimed, by maintaining the existing taste made the place martabak continued to be hunted by the people of various regions in Aceh including Medan, North Sumatra. "I continue to maintain the taste and quality of the maratabak itself. I don't want to disappoint customers. Whatever the ingredients are the best I buy to make martabak," he said. He added that so far, local durian fruit has become the main focus for his martabak. If there are no items, then take from Medan, Riau and Palembang. For a day, 200 mature durians are needed to make martabak. Within a day, he could sell up to 500 packs of durian martabak. The customers are diverse and equally important, can also be ordered and sent directly to their place outside Aceh. ![IMG_20190510_065252.jpg]( "Crowds who buy anyone who passes. They buy for souvenirs from Aceh. Most of them are from Medan too. Alhamdulillah, every day is crowded," he added. Well, for people who have not felt the Amir martabak and are currently in Aceh. Let's stop at his place in North Aceh. Be sure you won't regret it.
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