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eating together is believed to make us healthier.



With different reasons and opinions, it seems like everyone knows the benefits of eating with family. But, 'this day', when the children are getting bigger (and the older brother already has a younger sibling), with a variety of busy life and modern lifestyle, not to mention the traffic jams of big cities, ![IMG_20190506_201840.jpg]( making eating together difficult realized. Early in the morning everyone is getting ready for their respective activities. At night, it could be that mom and dad arrived at home past dinner. Not only are their mothers busy, children are busy with various activities, from school, extracurricular activities, to taking courses outside of school. Eating is done by children at school or on trips. At home, they don't necessarily sit quietly enjoying their dinner. Hayo, who among the moms feed their children who are working on a stack of school homework? ![IMG_20190506_202344.jpg]( Many studies reveal the benefits of eating with family. One of them is attaching family relations through a relaxed, informal atmosphere, interspersed with chatter. In fact, it is said that joint eating is healthy. According to research conducted by Syracuse University quoted by, family routines such as shared dinners can be closely related to happier marriages, improving children's health, and stronger family relationships. Shared eating is the most appropriate time to learn social skills. Can't you talk while eating? That's the old rule, Ma! Chat relaxed about various interesting and fun things at the dining table can also develop children's social abilities, you know. ![IMG_20190506_202335.jpg]( Chat at the dinner table also increases vocabulary in children and children can express themselves better, provided they are heard and appreciated as long as they speak. Well, it is precisely when you chat that you can teach your children good manners and give him a good example of eating etiquette at the dinner table. For example, you should not talk too excited when your mouth is still full, but you should chew and swallow first. Then, they should listen to other people who are talking. May argue at the dinner table, but may not be rude and play food. In terms of health, eating together is believed to make us healthier, with a note that the menu presented is always a healthy menu, huh. According to the American Dietetic Association, ![IMG_20190506_202324.jpg]( children who regularly eat with their families tend to have healthier eating patterns. They consume more fruits and vegetables, eat less fried foods, soda, and saturated fat than children who don't eat family food. Thus, eating together regularly can reduce the risk of obesity and eating disorders in children.
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